Today's Adventure: Passport, Pizza, and…

and… One other ‘P’ word I can’t think of at the moment.

This morning we had a family outing. It was very nice. Basically the ‘mission’ was to pick up Megumi’s Japanese passport; she had to be present. But after that was done we enjoyed Pizza and Spaghetti at an Italian restaurant. (Very おいしい)

Here are three shots of Makoto awaiting the pizza.

He ate almost a whole large pizza. I had a piece and most of the crust (Young Makoto wishes pizza not to be cursed with crust).

Next we entered the nearby shopping center where lo-and-behold I saw a sign that renewed my faith in the Japan I knew and loved.

You see, since we’ve been back in Japan, we really haven’t gone out to see the ‘real’ Japan (been busy with baby and all). I was fearfully afraid Japanese businesses would start asking any one of the many native English speakers (they’re everywhere!) for advice on signage with English. I mean, after all, signs for advertisement are very expensive.

I’m happy to report Japan still has a plethora of 変な英語 EVERYWHERE. Fresh pickings for an example:

Now, one would think a prudent business owner would simply stop any one of the many, many English speaking foreigners and ask, 「この英語は大丈夫?」 But no. No, they don’t. They didn’t when I lived in Japan and they still don’t.

Next we made our way to the second floor and today’s main event. Makoto loves trains–especially the 新幹線, Shinkansen. Well, there was a train exhibit for children in that shopping mall. A whole room was devoted to train models that move by themselves (yes, “horseless train carriages”).

And Megumi… Well, she didn’t do much today. She slept and slept and slept a little more. But here is her car seat in a shopping cart at the shopping center. It fit very well.

I’m sure as a teenager she will appreciate our choice of a shopping cart to put her in.

Got home to find server had crashed. The techs have been working on it all the while I’ve been typing. Will be back up soon so they say.


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