Megumi's Passport and There are No Exits

We left this morning at 5:30AM to go to the American consulate in Osaka to apply for Megumi’s American passport. (We do want to take her back with us, you know.) We arrived shortly after 9AM and was first in line.  It took all of twenty minutes to fill out the form and wait a bit.  We ate spaghetti, drank some tea, and caught a train back to Fukui.  A very pleasant morning.

This stands in stark contrast from our last Osaka consulate trip–to get Makoto’s passport.

It was a cold and snowy day…  It snowed hard most of the way and we arrived literally 15 minutes before they closed. It worked out, but it was a nightmare. (おまけに: When leaving, we got lost looking for the parking lot where Yumi’s father left the car.  We had to carry baby Makoto in the cold.)

As mentioned above, this time we took the train. I took the picture below a few years ago, but saw it again today on the Thunderbird train (Hokuriku line: Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama) this morning.

(Just read the English)

Information of the Exits

There are no Exits


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