Not Much Sleep

I got a few (read more than one but less than five) hours of off and on sleep last night but Yumi got virtually none. It seems Megumi has caught a cold. She has a runny nose and an occasional cough. She seems to be fine, but she was very restless last night.


Makoto woke up wide-eyed at 2:30AM. He took his ‘nap’ at 3PM yesterday and slept until 2:30AM. During that almost-12-hour sleep period, he quite effectively stored up his excess energy for the great explosion of 2:30AM. The great explosion of 2:30AM is still going on.

Thankfully Baba was there to help, but today will be sluggish.

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” ~Leo J. Burke (no idea who he is, but he must be pretty smart)


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