Telephone Repair Truck & Buy Clay a Book

Makoto had a pretty high fever about two weeks ago. It was only really bad two days, but one of those evenings as I put Makoto to bed, he, in a fit of fever, shouted, “telephone repair truck!”

It had to be important because the way he said, “telephone repair truck” sounded like it was  Pheidippides telling the Spartans, Νενικήκαμεν” (we have won!) after running the first marathon.  “The Persians are defeated!  Telephone repair truck!”

It was a new phrase he had only recently learned from a book we bought for him about working trucks (はたらくくるま). (the picture below isn’t the book, but it is representative of that genre)

In other news…

A few months ago I received a book in the mail from Amazon. The only problem was I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon. It turns out it was a gift from a friend of a friend who found my ‘wish list’ and bought it for us. It was a book on using a tablet to do artwork on the computer.

I had totally forgotten about my wish list, but luckily it was something I still wanted. Well, just in case there is a friend of a friend out there wanting to buy Clay (or Makoto) a book, I have just updated the wish list. (see button to the right).  Telephone Repair Truck!


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