Adding the Oxford Dictionary of English to the Casio XD-GP9700 Favorites

Ok, here is a plausible scenario. You quickly need the definition of “floccinaucinihilipilification” for a school report, but your Casio XD-GP9700’s main E-E dictionary is the lousy (for native English speakers) Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

You press the 英英 button and the Advanced Learner’s dictionary appears. You were hoping for the much better Oxford Dictionary of English, but going through the menus to find the ODE would take too many seconds. You need the definition NOW.

Typing F-L-O-C-C-I… ‘floaty’ and ‘flock’ pull up, but nothing in between. How sad.

Here is how to add the excellent ODE to your favorites list. It still won’t be a one click solution, but two clicks isn’t bad.

STEP 1:Hit the メニュー Menu button (third button from the top right) and navigate to the オックスフォード新英英辞典 Oxford Dictionary of English. (Don’t hit enter)

STEP 2:Look at the Keyboard screen and tap お気に入り登録

STEP 3: Choose an empty slot for the dictionary. The first spot ‘A’ may be easiest. (in my screenshot, I already have the ODE and Kenkyusha J-E added, so I’m adding it to ‘C’ for this example)

STEP 4: Hit enter 訳/決定

All done!

To use the dictionary from now on, just hit the お気に入り button…

And either hit ‘A’ or navigate to your choice and hit enter

And to find the meaning of Floccinaucinihilipilification for your report:

“noun <rare> the action or habit of estimating something as worthless”


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