Open Up – It must be in the Genes

This morning we awoke to Makoto prodding Yumi with an:

あけて!あけて!Akete! Akete!

We were puzzled what he meant. 開けて! of course means ‘open (up)!,’ but open what? The door?

しばらくしたら・・・ After a little while…

After a little while, Yumi realized Makoto meant:

おきて!おきて! Okite! Okite! (Get up; wake up!)

This made more sense.

This reminded me of going to summer camp as a child.  We boys had crowded into a tent to tell scary stories late one night.  The stories weren’t scary enough to keep me awake, though.  While nodding, someone asked, “Clay, are you awake?”

Apparantly, I was dreaming about going to the Trading Post down the trail to buy some candy and soda.  I said, “I’m open.”  They were laughing about that the next summer.

Must be in the genes.


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