Beginning Japanese Phrases Podcast #5 Up!

I finally got this podcast series into iTunes! If you search ‘Learn Japanese’ in iTunes it will pop up (not first of course 🙂 ).  If you like it, please subscribe using the RSS feed button to the right (that is the feed just to this beginner podcast series).  Or you can subscribe in iTunes!

Here is the grand opening of #5:


Today’s podcast will review a few food names and then we’ll learn a new sentence construction. First listen and repeat after each food name.

ハンバーガー hanba-ga- Hamburger
ピザ piza Pizza
スパゲッティー supagetti- Spaghetti
パン pan Bread
カレーライス kare-raisu Curry and Rice
フライドポテト furaido poteto French Fries
お菓子 okashi Snack

Last time we learned how to say, I want to eat pizza:

ピザが食べたいです。 piza ga tabetai desu. I want to eat pizza.

Here’s how you say, I like pizza.

Just replace が食べたい with が好きです。


I like hamburgers.

I like spaghetti.

I like bread.

I like Curry and Rice.

I like french fries.

I like snacks.


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