Kiiro, Ao – Ready, Set, Go!

We were driving home from buying Makoto some new toy cars.  Yumi’s mother was driving and Yumi was ‘backseat driving’ in the front passenger seat.

Seeing the upcoming light turn yellow and sensing her mother’s intention to make a run for it, Yumi yelled out, “kiiro!” (Yellow).  Yumi’s mother hearing the panic in Yumi’s voice slamed on the brakes. After a minute, Yumi yelled out, “ao!”*

After a few rice paddys, Yumi’s mother slowed to a stop at a stop sign intersection.  Immediately Makoto from the back seat yelled out, “Kiiro!” even though there was no signal light.

We laughed and the car started to move.

Makoto then yelled out, “Ao!”

…I guess you just had to be there.

* In Japanese a ‘green’ light is really ‘blue.’


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