The JLPT 4 Vocabulary Download–Too Successful

Yesterday, I made a post about the newest addition to our $5 instant download collection: the second (and final) part of the JLPT 4 kyuu Vocabulary pack.  To celebrate, I decided to make the $5 download a $2.50 download.

All was fine.

We got a few orders here and there for it.  This was pretty remarkable since I only mentioned it here and in the sparsely populated TJS “What’s New” newsletter.  I hadn’t even mentioned it on the front page.

I was happy and all was fine.

Then I threw up an ad for it on the front page and sent our monthly (sometimes twice monthly) TJS newsletter and went to bed.  I woke up to more orders than we have ever had  (I think).

I was very happy and all was still fine.

But then everyone started downloading their files…at once.  TJS is on a dedicated server, but all those people quickly overloaded the server memory and the server just shut down.  After a quick reboot, I moved half of the downloads off that server and onto other servers to share the load.

Now I’m very happy and all appears to be fine.

If you are studying for the test, or just want to learn important vocabulary words, please check it out!


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