Upcoming $5 JLPT 4 kyuu Vocabulary Part II

We are working hard on the second (and final) part of our JLPT vocabulary 4 kyuu $5 download. It *should* be ready by Monday. This has been the most ambitious of our $5 downloads, but I hope one of the more useful too. We had to split the vocabulary packs into two downloads due to the huge size. Both downloads contain hundreds of words each with an example sentence as an individual MP3 in addition to a PDF with definitions and a flash file for use with your computer.

A little secret: We will probably release this part II (on Monday or Tuesday) for only $2.50. That way those who have bought the first part or those who would like to purchase both then will only be charged $7.50 total. I hope everyone will feel like the downloads are worth a lot more than that! (After all this work, we certainly do!)

Here are two words found in that $5 download pack on the JLPT level 4:


Today is very hot.

たいへんserious; terrible
That is terrible.

The kanji for taihen is 大変 which is big (大) and strange or change (変) and it commonly has these two meanings: 1) very and 2) terrible.

In theory, ignoring the strange looks you will surely get, you can say sore wa taihen taihen desu. That is very terrible! (But I wouldn’t recommend it)


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