Amazon's Kindle E-Book Reader

When I go somewhere and know there will be at least a few minutes of reading time, I like to take a few books. I really should just limit myself to a single title and ‘rough it’ with just that, but I usually like to pepper my reading time with different subjects or tastes. I never know just what mood I will be in after all.

Of course carrying several books (especially thick books on the English or Japanese languages…) can get heavy. That’s why I was immediately interested when Amazon announced their Kindle e-book reader a few months back.

The screen is supposed to be greatly superior to other electronic e-book readers on the market. I greatly prefer paper to reading online, but the Kindle is supposed (I haven’t tried it yet) to be about as easy on the eyes as paper. One reviewer said after five minutes he forgets he isn’t reading from a real book.

It connects with the Amazon store wirelessly similar to a cell phone. This means wherever you go (in the US at least) you can buy a book, download blog posts, or get newspapers and magazines.

I was thinking of getting one for our upcoming Japan trip, but decided not to just yet. We will have some major expenses with the new baby and it will take a lot of e-books (cheaper than their printed versions) to make up for the $400 investment. That and I wouldn’t be able to use the wireless feature in Japan. 😦

Still, it is definitely on my shopping list.

Have you tried it? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Amazon's Kindle E-Book Reader

  1. I’ve been interested in this as well. I’m still not sure that anything can be as good as reading a book, but I’m sure we’ll get there one day.

  2. Yes, it sure would be handy. Just this morning, a friend and I were talking about a book he wanted to buy. That made me think of the Kindle 🙂 Of course the book he wanted probably isn’t on Kindle yet, but just the idea of being able to instantly download any book you can think of is pretty amazing.

  3. It is not on sale in Japan, but I was wondering if it would work at all in Japan (using USB cable to upload books, reading Japanese characters, etc). does not ship it outside Japan (at least for now).

  4. I know you can hook it up to your computer via USB and even convert PDF documents to its format, but I’m not sure about Japanese. I would be very surprised if it couldn’t display Japanese. It must have some form of Unicode, but I have no idea.

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