Read Real Japanese Essays and Fiction Readers with CD

Today is Wednesday. In land this means it is Super Suiyoubi! Today we are spotlighting two new readers: Read Real Japanese Essays and Read Real Japanese Fiction.

Read Real Japanese BooksRead Real Japanese Books

The cover price is $24. Today’s super price is $14—$10 off!

I’ve only read through about a quarter of the Essays book, but I’m impressed. Both books come with a CD and every word or phrase is explained in detail.

Here is what I wrote for our Super Suiyoubi Newsletter folks:

From Clay:
About a year ago I was complaining how few good readers exist for beginning and intermediate students of Japanese.

Well, The awesome Graded Readers series with CDs came on the scene, Giles Murray published his new Exploring Japanese Literature, and more recently we’ve released our own $5 downloadable readers with MP3 files.

These two new books (Essays and Fiction) add to this explosion of good readers for Japanese students.

The stories are short (very good for when you don’t have a lot of time)
and thoroughly commented.  Unlike Murray’s Breaking and Exploring
books, there is no English translation, but nearly every word or phrase
is given in the gloss and explanation.  I think this is a good way to
force the student to parse each phrase independently.

The Japanese is written vertically like a Japanese newspaper or novel
giving it an ‘authentic’ feel.   All in all, these two books (the
Essays and the Fiction) are excellent.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this for the beginner.  Although every
word and phrase is explained, it is still pretty high level Japanese;
the stories are written for native Japanese readers.    The ambitious
upper beginner may learn a lot, but only with much effort.  This is
really for intermediate students and up.

To see if this book is right for you, please click on the image (on the product page) for a few scanned images.

These books are selling fast. We sold four of each since I started typing this!  These are really nice readers, though;  I’m glad they are going to good homes.

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