The Mouse Bride Reader Download

Our latest $5 download reader is the Mouse Bride story.  It is a charming Japanese folk tale about a father-mouse and mother-mouse trying to find the ‘greatest man on earth’ for their one and only daughter to marry. One nice aspect of this story from a language learner’s point of view is similar sentence forms are repeated with the different characters. Beginners can get a lot out of this product, but hiragana and a very basic Japanese vocabulary is required.

Mouse StoryThis pack includes 23 Megs of:

* An E-Book in Flash for interactive reading and listening
* A 11 Page PDF (for printing)
* A slow MP3 recording of the story
* A normal speed MP3 recording
* And as a special Flash bonus, “40 Common Japanese Family Names”–click on any name to hear it read
* Works with PCs or Macs (the only difference is PC users use the .exe file for the Flash E-Book and Mac users use the flash embedded HTML file

In the flash file, click on any sentence in the story to hear it instantly read by a native speaker. Print the PDF for offline review. The PDF and Flash program contain the story, a running glossary, and extensive grammar and vocabulary notes. The Flash program also has a button to display a loose English translation if needed.

Drop the MP3 files into your MP3 player to listen when away from the computer. Or burn the MP3s to a CD to listen in your car.

As an extra bonus, we are including the “40 Common Japanese Family Names” Flash file which helps beginners learn super common names.

For more information, please see the bottom of our $5 Instant Gratification Download page.


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