Issunboushi $5 Reader Download

We just completed our fifth downloadable product. Like the Shitakiri Suzume e-book, this one is a reader. It is the story of 一寸法師 Issunboushi, a pinky-sized man full of courage. Click on any sentence in the Flash e-book to hear it read, print out the story with a running glossary, and listen to the story read at normal speed or at slow speed. All for only $5!

Drop the MP3 files into your MP3 player to listen when away from the computer. Or burn the MP3s to a CD to listen in your car.

As an extra bonus, we are including the “6 Common Counters” Flash file which helps beginners learn how to count objects.

Beginners can get a lot out of it, but you definitely need to know hiragana well and a very basic vocabulary too.

This pack includes 25 Megs of:

  • An E-Book in Flash for interactive reading and listening
  • A 13 Page PDF (for printing)
  • A slow MP3 recording of the story
  • A normal speed MP3 recording
  • And as a special Flash bonus, “6 Common Counters”–click on any number to hear it read
  • Works with PCs or Macs (the only difference is PC users use the .exe file for the Flash E-Book and Mac users use the flash embedded HTML file

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