The Tree and the Golf Ball

Tree fallen in our Back YardYesterday we noticed a little rumbling in the sky. I kept saying ‘thunder’ to Makoto and he quickly matched the sound of the word with the sound in the sky. Yumi did the same with かみなり kaminari.

We didn’t think much of it until suddenly the wind and rain really picked up. Looking out the window, it seemed as if a hurricane had arrived. I knew there was bad weather north of us the day before but I didn’t know it was heading in our direction.

I took Makoto to take a look at our back yard. I saw a kind of large limb on the ground and pointed it out to him. Then looking over we saw our huge pine tree flat on the ground;  half had fallen into our neighbor’s yard. This was a big tree.

We had noticed the tree not looking too healthy, but I had no idea it was that weak. Of course the wind was very strong.

After the rain slacked, I marched over to my neighbor’s house. He hadn’t heard the noise and was surprised to see new foliage in his yard.

He was very nice about it saying at least no one was hurt. I told him I would call him on Monday after talking with the insurance people. I hope the tree can be removed and the fence fixed this week.

On the good news front, while in my neighbors yard, he spotted a golf ball in his grass.  He asked if it was ours.  I said I didn’t think so, but it could have been.  He gave it to me to give to Makoto.  For a straight hour Makoto played with that golf ball tossing it in the open umbrella I had just used.  The best things in life are free.


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