Oscar the Grouch and his Trashcans

Our Loverly Neighbor

Trash Cans mean no Go picture


We moved to our house I guess four years ago now. Pretty soon thereafter we got to know a few people in the neighborhood. Everyone we met was just as nice as could be. However, we were repeatedly warned about a certain neighbor from heck. He was supposedly not a nice guy. We pretty much ignored that wanting to judge people by their actions rather than what others were saying about them behind their back. But it didn’t take long before the gossip became gospel.


Our immediate neighbor to the right likes to have garage sales. Well, two years ago Oscar the Grouch (our not so nice neighbor) called the police on them. Turns out there is a limit of Three garage sales a year. So if you have a three day weekend of garage sales, that is all you can do for the year. I’m sure old Oscar had to dig deep into the city records to find that, but the law is on the books.

The police came and told her she had to stop but also mentioned that the old grump who called tattles on his neighbors all the time about silly things. The policeman was sympathetic but told her to cease and desist.

Another neighbor had the police called on him for parking overnight on the road in front of his house (almost zero traffic in our neighborhood). And once he called animal control on our dogs. He claimed they barked all night. Hardly. Our dogs come in at dusk and literally sleep in our beds*. I would be the first to know if they barked all night. Augh…

In short, this guy has a beef with everyone in the neighborhood.

Last weekend our garage sale lovin’ neighbor had another garage sale (first one this year at this location). Oscar immediately used his trash cans to make sure no stray treasure seeker would mistake his driveway for a parking spot. (see above photo)

My neighbor sent her sister over to tell them that day’s sale was the first one. They had set tables up on the previous day but they didn’t start the garage sale until the next morning. They wanted to make sure Oscar didn’t call the cops prematurely.

Turns out, according to the spy (the sister) the wife was apologetic and reportedly said, “You must think we are anti-social.” No kidding. Oscar may revel in his grouchiness, but that poor woman…

* Yumi was a cat person.  She agreed to allow me to get the dogs on one condition: they would never sleep in our bed.  That didn’t last long.


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