Makoto Catchup

Two quick 親ばか notes:

1) 待って!
Just now Yumi was chasing Makoto trying to put his diaper on. Makoto doesn’t like this part too much so he runs from mommy. As Yumi approached, I heard him take off saying, 「待って!」 matte Wait! Obviously he doesn’t quite get the meaning of that one yet.

Makoto just came to me with his diaper on. Yumi didn’t get to his clothes, but at least she won the first round.

2) It’s the Moon!
The other morning the moon was visible and Makoto made sure we all knew of this unusual event. He made his way outside and upon seeing the moon, he yelled—top lunged—to us inside. We watched him point to the sky while saying, “Moonあった, Moonあった, Moonあった, Moonあった…”

[あった atta means “There is…”]

He created his first bilingual sentence.

He learned あった early on. One of his first あったs was when he found me after an apparently long search. He said excitedly, 「パパあった。」 papa atta. Here’s papa. The only problem is, as far as I can tell, I’m what’s called a non-inanimate object. That is, he should have said, 「パパいた」 papa ita – Here is (the living) papa.

あった There/Here is for the moon and other non-living thing-a-majigs
いた There/Here is for Clay and other living things


2 thoughts on “Makoto Catchup

  1. Haha! So, even if he mixed the two languages, it’s still ok if he learn, that’s the chief thing ;)! XxXxX (sorry for my unperfect english, I’m a french native speaker, I’m belg 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    Makoto is learning words all the time now. It is really fun to watch his language skills develop!

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