White Rabbit Press' New Audio Tour Promo

White Rabbit Press has made its name by producing high quality flashcards for learning kanji and kana. Never resting on their laurels, the folks there are expanding to include audio tour programs. Basically you would go to a specific starting point in Tokyo (for example), press play, and listen while your personal tour guide explains the local scene. Pretty neat idea.

Years ago Max Hodges, the owner, contacted me asking if I would be interested in stocking his cards–at the time he only had volume one completed. Despite being a suspicious character 🙂 , we became fast friends. It is a classic story of an internet romance friendship; I have never met him face to face, but there have been times when we have chatted nearly everyday for a stretch.

White Rabbit Press’ catalog currently includes Kana Flashcards, JLPT 3,4 Kanji Flashcards, and their massive JLPT 2 Kanji flashcards. JLPT 1 should be out fairly soon. They also have audio CDs/downloads for the flashcards.

Max has worked feverishly on this non-flashcard product for quite a long time. It is nice to see the Audio Tour project getting closer to release.

Take a look at his Audio Tour website: Tokyo Realtime
(where you may sign up for release email notification)
And… if you Digg it, click here to do so.



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