Snot 'Neti' Pot

On the pleasant scale of 1-10, it’s not good.

I’ve had what’s called Post-Nasal Drip for some time. It means waking up sometimes coughing or not being able to breathe well. Recently, it hasn’t been very bad, but after a friend got his Snot Pot, I thought I’d give it a shot.

It seems to help quite a bit.

Here is a how-to video:

I should mention this is one of the more pleasant Neti videos on Youtube. If you are adventurous and have a strong stomach, do a search for ‘neti pot’ on Youtube.


4 thoughts on “Snot 'Neti' Pot

  1. Wouldn’t be a lot easier (and far more enjoyable) to take a swim in the ocean? That always seemed to do a top-notch job of clearing out my sinuses.

  2. Hi Mike, I’m not sure. I bought mine through Amazon I think in the States. A friend who lives in Tokyo bought his also through Amazon in the States and had me ship it to him in Japan.

    I’m sure you can get it in Japan, but where? I’m not sure.

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