Tevye, the WeatherDog

Tevye’s Tail in the Shade PictureTevye, our dog, has a fair-weather tail.

Normally Tevye’s tail is curled like the picture to the right.

On a hot day, however, Tevye’s tail flattens out. (see below)

Actually, there have been some days where his tail goes totally flat. I’ve been meaning to try to catch it on film–it is hilarious to see: the tail within seconds flattens out, but as soon as he hits the shade–whoop!

We imagine him saying, 「あついな・・・」 “Boy, is it hot.”

Strangely, Hana’s (his sister) tail stays curled no matter what. I suppose it should make sense. Men are totally predictable and an 女の心 is hard to fathom.

Tevye’s Tail in the Sun Picture


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