A Red Bar and Major Progress

For the second time in recent weeks, I have added a very lovely red bar at the top of TJP. This means the move to the server is in progress (again). If all goes well, we should be completely moved to the new server in 24-48 hours. Will update.

With the new server (temporarily accessible here.), I’ve made a lot of progress. I totally redesigned the theme by basically combining the best parts of three themes. Amazingly, I didn’t break anything. Well, my eyes feel broken from staring at tiny code since early this morning.

In addition to the new theme, I also added a…

  • New PM system that is simply awesome
  • Fixed minor problems with the shoutbox
  • Added a new shoutbox archive
  • Fixed a few small problems people at TJP found throughout the day.
  • Pam added about 20 book reviews

I just can’t wait until all the technical stuff is completed so I can concentrate on creating content! Whohoo! We are getting closer.


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