Japaン with a Rush Post

I have a ton of TJP work to do with the new server (we are right in the middle of moving theJapanesePage.com to the new server and CMS), but I had to post this.

This morning, I took my parents-in-law to the airport.  This morning means 2 AM.  We got there around 3:45AM and waited for the Airline’s booth to open for boarding passes.

I suggested using the provided tags for writing addresses on each checked baggage.   Thinking that was a good idea, my mother-in-law began writing her address in Japanese.  I said, “You may want to write JAPAN in romaji just in case.”  So at the bottom of the address she wrote in capital letters:

J A P A ン

(the last ‘letter’ was a katakana ン)

At 3:50 this morning, this was simply hilarious.


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