Three Problems all at Once

One reason I haven’t posted much here is we’ve been hard at work moving to a new server and content management software. The move was made, but we have had a few problems. Oddly enough all three problems occurred at the same time and are totally unrelated.

The brand-spanking new dedicated server has memory issues. The hosting company (says it) is working on it right now. The database is currently down which means the site is effectively down. The patience of Job…

One consequence I didn’t think of with moving to a new system was the links in our daily kanji emails would be mismatched. The emails link directly to the kanji pages on the old server. I’ve already set aliases on current major pages to match the old file names, but going through hundreds of kanji pages isn’t something I relish.

And the third problem is why kanji a day email subscribers didn’t receive today’s email… The Listmail program I’m using suddenly broke yesterday. It wasn’t because the new server is having trouble; the listmail program is on a totally different server. Last night I emailed the programmer and just now got a response. He has fixed the problem, but I’m afraid emails will be off by one. This means I will get many emails asking for yesterday’s kanji. Not a big time consuming exercise, but multiply that by…

The funny thing is all three issues are totally separate and just happened at the same time.

Axlen posted a comment just now.  The old server is   It will be up for a few months.

Youtube Theft?

I was looking at some videos on You Tube with the search term ‘learn Japanese’ and was startled to see one of my videos appear with someone else’s name.  Now, I wouldn’t mind if someone asked me permission (as long as credit was given), but I didn’t receive any request.

I guess it doesn’t matter; I did a search for the user account and got the message it was suspended.  ちょっとほっとしました。

New Casio XD-GP9700

Casio XD-GP9700 imageI got the new Casio in two weeks ago, but being busy with moving the website, I really haven’t had time to play with it. I probably won’t have time to make videos, do reviews and other fun stuff until after the website dust settles (who knows when?)

My first impression is positive.

I did try to use the USB cord to move some text files over, but I couldn’t get it to work quickly and I quickly ran out of time. Will try again soon.

Like its predecessor the GW9600, the GP9700 has beautiful-to-the-eyes backlighting and the beautiful-to-the-word-hungry Kenkyusha J-E.

But the GP9700 adds a few things over the GW9600:

  • Larger writing space for stylus
  • Sensitive screen for navigation and menu choices (use the stylus to tap on the screen itself*)
  • Japanese voice for the J-J (this may be one of the nicer improvements)
  • Improved flashcard memo pad functions

I’m sure there are a ton (ok, one or two) of other advantages over the GW9600, but I really need to sit down with it more to find them. I’d say if you have the GW9600, it probably isn’t worth upgrading. But if you don’t have a dictionary, the GP9700 is hard to beat.

Casio XD-GP9700 at The Japan Shop

* Scott Severn chimed in with:

The GP9700 actually does let you write kanji on the main panel. You can do it in the 漢字源 from option B (…大きな手書き入力から…), which is accessible by pressing the メニュー button, then go to the 国語系 category, Press ‘C’ for 漢字源, then choose option ‘B’, the one I mentioned above. It then opens the big writing square for the main panel. Hope that helps!

A Red Bar and Major Progress

For the second time in recent weeks, I have added a very lovely red bar at the top of TJP. This means the move to the server is in progress (again). If all goes well, we should be completely moved to the new server in 24-48 hours. Will update.

With the new server (temporarily accessible here.), I’ve made a lot of progress. I totally redesigned the theme by basically combining the best parts of three themes. Amazingly, I didn’t break anything. Well, my eyes feel broken from staring at tiny code since early this morning.

In addition to the new theme, I also added a…

  • New PM system that is simply awesome
  • Fixed minor problems with the shoutbox
  • Added a new shoutbox archive
  • Fixed a few small problems people at TJP found throughout the day.
  • Pam added about 20 book reviews

I just can’t wait until all the technical stuff is completed so I can concentrate on creating content! Whohoo! We are getting closer.

Youtube Partner Program and the Other Clay

Youtube sent me an email inviting me to be a Partner. The Partner program means I would get ad revenue sharing from ads clicked while watching my videos.

I was shocked to get the email and thought it must be a joke. It wasn’t, and I applied. No great acceptance letter as of yet and I fully expect a “Sorry, actually we meant the other Clay” email.  I don’t quite have 100,000+ subscribers, you know.

If you make videos and have a growing subscriber base, you may want to check it out. Here are the qualifications:

  1. You create original videos suitable for online streaming.
  2. You own the copyrights and distribution rights for all audio and video content that you upload — no exceptions.
  3. You regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.
  4. You live in the US, Canada, or the UK.

MySQL as a Form of Torture

I’ve spent all morning trying out different MySQL database commands to restore a .sql file (database backup file) on a server through SSH.  Just as I was about to give up I got the right sequence of letters and numbers to appease the angry monster.

(this is more for my future benefit than anything else)

mysql -u (MySQL username) -p (Database Name) < (name of the text or sql file)

  • I have to write the username after -u BUT I don’t write the password after -p.
  • The “<” points to the direction of the action.  So the sql file restores to the database.


mysql -u clay -p mydatabase < backup.sql 

I read a lot of blogs, tutorials and MySQL manuals today and tried mysqldump, mysqlimport and just about every other sensible sounding command.  I finally tried the simple ‘mysql.’

If you know your way around MySQL, you may be saying ‘duh,’ but by posting it here, I will be sure to remember it!

Makoto, Jump!

Occasionally I put on Lego Star Wars II —super fun and only $18.95 at Amazon&mdash for the Xbox 360 and give Makoto the controller. Last night, he took over and while fiddling with various buttons and joysticks, he managed to get to the base of a small bump. To get over the bump he would have to jump.

He was sitting on my lap while ‘playing’ when I said, “Jump, Makoto, Jump!”

He got up from my lap, jumped, and then sat down again.

We thought it was hilarious so naturally we told him to jump some more. Eventually his onscreen character was also jumping with him. Makoto had found the jump button to accompany his jumping.

Sadly, I don’t think he was able to jump over the bump.