The Countdown, Makoto and the Zoo

Makoto at the Zoo PictureFirst, the countdown has begun!

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Expected Move Date: Feb 3-4 (Sunday-Monday)

Yesterday, we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. Makoto really enjoyed it. This was his second trip to the Zoo, but at five months old, he was too young to enjoy the elephants back then.

To the right, we have a picture of Makoto in the bird house.

Below, a picture of Makoto running down a wooden bridge between exhibits with his grandparents.

The Zoo has a train that goes around the park. Makoto got to ride in it twice.  That plus a bit of ice cream made for a nice outing.

Makoto at the Zoo Picture


2 thoughts on “The Countdown, Makoto and the Zoo

  1. Was reading some archives and saw about the Jacksonville zoo. Wanted to say i live in Florida and its about 30 min way from my house. Jacksonville zoo is a Great place to vist, hope they had fun.

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