Hello world!

1Nichi1Kai.com has been moved to a new server. I used the passive voice in the previous sentence, but it was anything but passive.

Today I was doing some busy work on another site of mine and after starting to do the same thing on this site, I realized it was 4 times as slow as the other one. For every click I made here, I could have clicked four times on the other site.

So, in a fit of determination and a half-baked plan, I started to move 1Nichi1Kai.com to a new server. It is still on a shared hosting plan (I do have two servers I could have stuck it on, but I wanted to keep it off the same server as the store and TJP), but the response (so far) is excellent.

The only problem was for some reason the backup file only got a portion of the posts and comments. I am still not certain I have everything right, but at least it is functional.

*Update: I restored the comments and posts on top of the ones WordPress makes automatically at install. This made the comments ID number not match up with the post ID number. All fixed now—I think.

Also, I’m playing with this new theme. It is ‘Adsense Ready’ which means it automatically places adsense ads in the posts. As an internet reader, I’m indifferent to ads; as a writer, I love ’em. If you have a WordPress blog and want it more Google Adsense friendly, checkout this theme (link at footer). It couldn’t have been easier to setup.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thanks Tyler,

    It must have taken about four or five hours to move it. I made a few big mistakes like not taking into account WordPress creating a dummy post. That made the comments not match with the posts when I restored the backup.

    But I think it works now…

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