Learn Sick Japanese

After the nonsensical pseudo-animation, repeat after the speaker to build your sick Japanese vocabulary!


風邪 kaze – cold
風邪をひいた kaze o hiita – to catch a cold
くしゃみ kushami – sneeze
seki – cough
鼻水 hanamizu – runny nose
病気 byouki – sickness
咳がでる seki ga deru – to cough
病院 byouin – hospital
病院へ行く byouin e iku – to go to the hospital
鼻づまり hanazumari – stuffed nose
netsu – fever
のどが痛い nodo ga itai – sore throat

A few notes:

  • Don’t forget kaze (a cold) is 風邪
    and kaze (wind) is just 風
  • seki has 口 (mouth) as a radical. (most people cough with their mouth)
  • The づまり in 鼻づまり is 詰り (pack, clog). Another useful expression is すし詰め sushi zume (packed like sardines (in a train for example)).
  • Notice the つまり becomes づまり. You can type づ with a ‘du’ on your keyboard

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