I’ve been a bit lazy. Sorry.

But I’ve also been a bit busy… busy making Naan and Navratan curry. If you have had good Indian food*, I am sure you’ve had some Naan Bread. Navratan curry is a vegetable curry that is just delicious.

I found this lady on Youtube (and promptly subscribed). She shows how to make Naan with a regular oven.

I’ve tried it before and to put it delicately, it was the worst tasting bread I’ve ever made. But her recipe with an unglazed patio stone from Home Depot is perfect. Ok, you really should buy a Baking Stone (also known as Pizza Stone), but if you don’t want to pay $25 for a flat rock, you can buy an unglazed patio block at your local home store like I did. I will eventually get the real thing since I don’t like the idea of eating food cooked on a stone meant for people to step on, but it is much cheaper and works just fine.

See the Youtube link for a list of ingredients.

And here is a link to the Navratan Curry recipe.

* Indian restaurants tend to be superb or super bad. There was one restaurant the was so bad, I still had an after taste the next day. But if you find a good restaurant… It’s my favorite type of food.


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