The Countdown, Makoto and the Zoo

Makoto at the Zoo PictureFirst, the countdown has begun!

We are finally ready to move to the new server. There will still be much to do in the upcoming months, but at least we won’t have any more of those annoying server errors!

Expected Move Date: Feb 3-4 (Sunday-Monday)

Yesterday, we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. Makoto really enjoyed it. This was his second trip to the Zoo, but at five months old, he was too young to enjoy the elephants back then.

To the right, we have a picture of Makoto in the bird house.

Below, a picture of Makoto running down a wooden bridge between exhibits with his grandparents.

The Zoo has a train that goes around the park. Makoto got to ride in it twice.  That plus a bit of ice cream made for a nice outing.

Makoto at the Zoo Picture

New Download: Sake Vocabulary PDF

I just got Philip Harper’s The Book of Sake in to consider it for our inventory. I’ll post a link once we get the real shipment in.

I read the whole book in a few hours (ahem, there are a lot of pictures). I now feel like my wife with computers—I now know enough about the world of sake to be dangerous.

Still, I am a near-complete beginner. To help me, I went through the book (especially the glossary) and pulled out key words I think are essential regarding the お酒の世界 (osake no sekai–the world of sake).

I just added it to the Download section as a PDF. Please let me know if you find any errors or have any new words to add to it.

Most interesting to me was a word for snacks that go with drinking: sakana. 酒の肴 (sake no sakana) It has nothing to do with fish. 🙂

Some Q&As about the Casio XD-GW9600

RandomGuest asked some excellent questions as a comment on one of my posts about the Casio XD-GW9600. I thought it would be good to post the questions with some of my comments as a new post. That way, other people can chime in to clarify or disagree 🙂

1. Is there additional memory that’s not being used by the dictionary on the SD card?

Yes, I can’t remember how many megs, but there is plenty of on board memory for lots of text files and dictionaries to install.  (will look this up later!)

2. I noticed that the touchpad that you can actually write on, looks very small. Is it so small that writing kanji with many strokes gets hard? How big is the size difference from the – I think it was G90 or V70 – demonstration video (I’m talking about the actual area where you can write, not the product’s size)?

The Canon models use the screen to write on. So the Casio’s is much smaller. I have had no problems writing any kanji, though.

 3. When you use the kanji handwriting recognition function, does the small screen you draw it on display what you’ve already drawn (while you are drawing), or is it like trying to draw it with your eyes closed?

Yes, it displays every stroke.

4. Isn’t the fact that the main display isn’t touch-sensitive very frustrating? Wouldn’t it be much easier and time-saving to navigate around with the pen, like you can with many other models, or do you navigate other models with the keyboard as well?

It isn’t for me. I prefer it this way since it makes the main screen look so much nicer. I think the Canon models have poorer screens because of the touch sensitive film.

The only negative for some is you can’t use the stylus to ‘jump’ simply by tapping words. Not a biggie for me since I always used the keyboard to jump even with the Canons.

5: Is it possible to buy Chinese dictionaries for it, and if so, do you have some more information for me?

Yes. I haven’t tried it, but there are SD and CD expansion Chinese dictionaries available:

A Laptop and Makoto

Makoto and Grandparents at the Lake image

The 親バカ files has been sparse lately. This post will remedy that.

First, the good news. Yumi’s father’s laptop was found and is being Fedexed.

He lost his laptop during the security check. Since their arrival on the 22nd, I’ve called American Airline’s Lost and Found in Dallas dozens of times trying to get a live person to look for the laptop.

Usually the phone just goes to a recording; a recording that does not return calls… But this morning I got a real, live person who after hearing my story (as told for the fifth time), she said, “Oh, you need to call the general Lost and Found then. We don’t get lost items from that part of the airport.

Thanks. I do appreciate it, but why didn’t the first Lost and Found person tell me that?!

I called the new number and—presto—the laptop awaketh!

The photo to the top right was taken this morning at a nearby lake (with a fountain). Makoto loved chasing the ducks (who declined photo op) but it being very cold we decided to leave soon thereafter. Amazingly, no one went for a swim.Makoto reading imageThe Grandparents from Japan brought Makoto a book on various 乗り物 norimono (vehicles, trains and other moving machines). It also has built-in sound effects which makes noise. Thanks grandparents. (in the photo he is pressing one of them).
I can hear it now in the other room. He is really hitting the books.

The last photo here was taken with my phone. The phone does alright, but when I aim the camera for a shot, Makoto rushes for the phone. This was the least blurry photo.While at his Floridian Grandparent’s house, Makoto had a leaky diaper. Apparently, by the time the leak was discovered, it had leaked all over his pants and shirt. Having no extra clothes (yes, I was in charge), he borrowed a big person’s T-shirt.The shirt went down to his ankles and the sleeves to his wrist. It was just the right size.It was cute.Makoto’s new Garb image

Hello world! has been moved to a new server. I used the passive voice in the previous sentence, but it was anything but passive.

Today I was doing some busy work on another site of mine and after starting to do the same thing on this site, I realized it was 4 times as slow as the other one. For every click I made here, I could have clicked four times on the other site.

So, in a fit of determination and a half-baked plan, I started to move to a new server. It is still on a shared hosting plan (I do have two servers I could have stuck it on, but I wanted to keep it off the same server as the store and TJP), but the response (so far) is excellent.

The only problem was for some reason the backup file only got a portion of the posts and comments. I am still not certain I have everything right, but at least it is functional.

*Update: I restored the comments and posts on top of the ones WordPress makes automatically at install. This made the comments ID number not match up with the post ID number. All fixed now—I think.

Also, I’m playing with this new theme. It is ‘Adsense Ready’ which means it automatically places adsense ads in the posts. As an internet reader, I’m indifferent to ads; as a writer, I love ’em. If you have a WordPress blog and want it more Google Adsense friendly, checkout this theme (link at footer). It couldn’t have been easier to setup.