Dear Christine Song by Gary Noland

A good buddy of mine produced a CD last year and this song is my favorite. You can listen to his music–and buy the CD on his website here: Support independent musicians!

Here is Dear Christine:

Here is Gary’s explanation for the inspiration behind the music:

A mutual friend of ours introduced Christine and me. I was from California and Christine was from Florida — over a year’s time we communicated via email, IM, telephone and video.

Realizing there were feelings between us, we thought we should meet, “in person”. Christine had a planned vacation in Arizona; conveniently being the next state over to California. I am one who is afraid to fly and had never flown before and our meeting was shortly after the event of 911 — But love conquers all!

This video is a song I had written back in 2001 to Christine, sharing with her my anticipation of us meeting in Arizona and eventually in Florida. We included photographs of our meetings in Arizona, Florida and later of us marrying in California.

We have been married for 6 years this January.

“Dear Christine” is a song off my self released CD, titled “Surley You Know”.


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