The Hole and the Dog

This morning, Makoto (who is feeling much better by the way) wanted to play outside.

Looking around we found the following:

Exhibit A:
The evidence picture

I said, ‘What manner of beast could have dug such a hole?!’

The perpetrator could very well have been a heffalump or woozle, but looking around we found a more probable culprit. It is a little hard to make out from the photo below, but Hana, our dog, had a very dirty face. Other than the nose, all that black area should be not black:

The Face of the Accused

Upon further inspection, the evidence continued to mount against her. Hana’s paw resembled a paw that had just finished digging:
The Paw of the Accused

This isn’t the first time Hana has had a run in with the law. Check out the Mysterious Return of Hana or Hana Mizu (or perhaps better called Hana’s Mizu).


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