Makoto Likes to Line up his Cars

Makoto’s favorite toys are toy cars.  He has a growing collection.  It seems whenever we go shopping we come back with one or five more (they usually come in packs of five).

He doesn’t mind other children playing with any other toy, but if someone touches his cars…  As you can see Makoto loves to line his cars up.

Makoto lining up his cars.

And a closeup:

Makoto’s cars all lined up picture


6 thoughts on “Makoto Likes to Line up his Cars

  1. Hello again! Sory, The part in french has been accidentaly added, normaly the post end at the “kisses”, lol, sorry”^^!(maybe you’ll could fix it thanks)

  2. And it does nothing to do with the post “^ ^(it’s a part of a post from a forum “^^)(you’ll could erase this last post too if you can!)

  3. makoto is so cuuuuuuute! Hope he always has a good time with his lovely parents. Send my regard to him okay,kurei-sensei. And what are your new plans after this?

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