Makoto’s 2nd Birthday Video: Car, No Cake Please

Makoto is sick today. He threw up twice and has a runny nose. We’ll see if he can sleep through the night.

Here is the video from his birthday party. We forgot the candles so a friend supplied a sparkler that just happened to be in her car.

Makoto really enjoyed everyone singing Happy Birthday to him. As you can see in the video (and I saw in real time, but mommy didn’t), he really, really wanted to play with the car on the cake; he didn’t care too much about the cake itself. Poor Makoto had to wait a few minutes until mommy realized he needed his car cleaned to be in playable condition.

Actually Makoto is very clean. He gets upset if his hands, shirt or toys get dirty. He loves spaghetti, but has to take breaks often for mommy to clean his hands and shirt.


5 thoughts on “Makoto’s 2nd Birthday Video: Car, No Cake Please

  1. Hi! I was wondering if my last post was right, I mean his birthday is already over, so do I had to use another expression?..I mean I’ll want to know if there are others ones! And anyway is the one I wrote also good even if his birthday is already over? Thanks to answer 😀

    See ya! XxXxX

  2. That is just fine. I think it is similar to saying ‘congratulations’ when you hear of someone’s birthday even if it is a few days after the fact.

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