Happy Test Day & Makoto’s B-Day Party

Another reason why I am not taking the JLPT this year is today is my son’s 2nd birthday party. He turned two yesterday and today we are holding a birthday bash with a Cars (the movie) theme. I’ll post pictures tonight.

Most of you who are taking the test have already taken it, but if you live in the US, the test is still a few hours away. If I catch you before you leave—がんばって! but you are probably reading this tonight and have already returned home in triumph or in a dazed cloud of confusion. Either way, If you survived—ご苦労さまでした. I felt the prior (triumph) after taking 3 kyuu (very much) and the latter (dazed and confused) after taking 2 kyuu.

I’d love to hear about your JLPT experience either here (by all means) or at TJP.


5 thoughts on “Happy Test Day & Makoto’s B-Day Party

  1. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu,Makoto-chan! Tanoshinde rasshai.Gokigen you! Jaa mata ne.(although it’s late to say happy birthday to Makoto,but it doesn’t matter right,kurei-sensei?

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