A Japanese Language Proficiency Test Story by Mairo

In the last post, I asked for other people’s JLPT stories. Mairo from Brazil was kind enough to send his story on why he is taking the JLPT level 2 tomorrow! Ganbatte Mairo!!


Mairo Cavalheiro Vergara

I took the JLPT level 3 in 2003 and now I will try the level 2 tomorrow! My history about Japanese language learning and the JLPT started because… Because when I moved to Londrina, the city where I am living until today, I did not have friends, internet or something similar. In other words I had not anything to do, it was so boring. Accidentally I found out a Japanese Language School near to my house! Wow! Let’s try the language of the anime, manga, video-games, etc, it seems cool. I went to the school and met a kawaii Japanese girl. I asked her about the course and the prices. Everything was going ok until she turns to an old Japanese man to say something in Japanese about the course. WOW! I got very surprised and exited, it was the first time I had listened to the Japanese language. At that moment I just could think of “I must study this language, it is so cool!”

I think I start studying it some days after. I studied it for about one and a half years. After that my teacher recommended to take level 3, because 4 was too easy for me. I did lots of previous level 3 texts, maybe 10 or more. In the grammar part I always got more then 150 points, kanji was also ok, but listening was a problem. I passed the exam with about 70%, not so much. After that I entered in university and stopped studying Japanese for 2 years. I forgot almost everything… But…

Last year I went to Okinawa as an exchange student. I spend ten months there. I improved a lot, but I thought just being in Japan would ensure I could pass level 2. I almost did not study kanji or grammar, mainly focusing on conversation. After I came back to Brazil I started preparing for level 2 late August when I found out the blog All Japanese All The Time. I improved my skills a lot, but I still don’t know if I will pass the text this year. Anyway, because of AJATT, Steve Kaufmann’s ideas and Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji (all things that I discovered this year) I changed my mind about language learning and now I know it is just a matter of time until I reach level 1.

Well, I am hoping my next story would be about “how I passed level 2”! See you all!

Visit Mairo’s Blog here


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