It’s October

Last month I said I would take a break from posting regularly until October. It suddenly became October yesterday. I am not quite sure how that happened. We are right in the middle of beautifying our house for sale so we can move to a larger house. This is a lot of work. I had hoped to get more done in September, but it is coming along – slowly.

Our house had the ugliest green paint on the inside and outside when we bought it three years ago. It was ugly. So ugly even I was motivated to paint it. We painted the inside but the outside was left for ‘another day.’ The ‘another day’ turned out to be now. The painting is almost done and the front looks much, much better. But the more progress we make the more work seems to appear.

Today’s Japanese word of the day is 肉体疲労

肉体疲労 niku tai hi rou dead tired

This 四字熟語 yoji jukugo (4 character compound) is made up of:

肉体 niku tai body, flesh
疲労 hi rou fatigue, weariness

Think of a hero’s exhaustion after a day of saving the world. I quickly learned this word after doing some elementary school visits in the JET program years ago. Most of the time I was in a Junior High school, but once a week I went to one of twenty elementary schools. The teachers there naturally wanted to make good use of me and did so by filling every class hour except one – for a break. I usually did about 6 classes a day.

I remember finishing one class and noticing the teacher had gone off somewhere. I ended the lesson and attempted to head for the teacher’s lounge downstairs. About 20 of the children caught me just before the stairs. I tell you, it was hard to move with five children hanging on either leg and one or two attempting to 浣腸 kanchou – I won’t define this, but if you do a Google search you can learn all about this ‘game’.

Usually the classroom teacher is there to referee, but if there isn’t a teacher AND you dislike being a human climbing object, you can always turn to the children, shake your finger in a disapproving manner and say, 行儀が悪い gyougi ga warui – your behavior is bad. It works.

Well, back to work. I’ll try to keep up with this blog from now on. I enjoy writing oddities once I sit down to work on it. It’s just hard getting to the point of sitting down to work on it.


4 thoughts on “It’s October

  1. Hello!..Thanks for helping learnin’ us japanese and the culture! I’m in love with the japanese culture too!..I love the langage too!..

    ..I really enjoy your site, even if I’ve not really the energy and time to visit it!..

    Bye from now and がんばってね 😉

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate the comment. I’ll try to add more language oriented posts soon. Things have been really hectic. It will be nice once it has all settled down.

  3. I understand. We are in the midst of moving houses. Right now I have my computers at my parent’s house. This means I can only check email and get things done during the day. It is strange living in a house without internet…

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