Today’s Super Suiyoubiのミス

Oh boy. I messed up a little this morning.

About an hour ago I was wondering why we had so few orders for today’s Super Suiyoubi deal. Sometimes the Super Suiyoubi deal is a big hit and sometimes it… isn’t. But today’s deal was for 20% off two of our most popular items – A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar & A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar. I couldn’t understand why it was doing so poorly.

And then I opened Firefox…

You see, I use a small Flash file to do the ad for the special on the front page. I have a Flash file for the normal weekday ad and then I just change the filename in the code for the Super Suiyoubi sale (with a newly uploaded Flash file). The problem is the code has two spots for the file name. I misspelled one of them. I tested it in IE this morning and it worked, but I didn’t test it in Firefox! Well, Firefox didn’t work until a few minutes ago. I guess the handful of orders we got for the books all used Internet Explorer. The funny thing is, I usually use Firefox for just about everything. Oh well.

If you don’t have these two books, I highly recommend them. We will be out of the office tomorrow (Thursday) so the 20% off sale will be good until Friday morning (EST).

And now back to moving work…


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