Chotto Matte…

Yumi and I have pretty much decided to sell our house (a couple of days ago) and buy a bigger house. We have absolutely no room any more – especially with our business and Makoto too. So, I will take a little vacation from 1nichi1kai this month. I will probably post a few times, but not as regular as I have been. October should see regular posts again. (Well, we’ll see)

As Schwarzenegger paraphrased MacArthur, – “I’ll be back.”

P.S. Digital Juice is retiring their Presenter’s Toolkit:

I bought it on a super sale about a year ago for $99 or so. It isn’t great for TV video, but if you do web animations, graphics, videos etc, it is a must have. It says it was made for PowerPoint presentations, but I’ve found it to be perfect for web work.

40+ GB
4900+ Graphic Backgrounds
2000 Photos
2500 Photo Objects
3200+ Video Clips (320×240 MPEG1 Video 30 FPS)
900+ Music Clips (128 kbps MP3)
6700+ PowerToonz Illustrations

Plus you get to choose one of three free bonuses.
(see the page for a video showing it off – and no, I don’t get a kickback from this 🙂 )


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