New Computer

I’ve been away from the online world (including this blog) for a few days now. My new computer came in on Friday and I’ve been busy migrating files and setting up the new system.

The guy I spoke with convinced me to try Vista. So far, I am not displeased – but I haven’t setup everything so I don’t know if it will all work as I need it to.

The biggest challenge was getting the wireless network to work. I need the computer to be in our office room but that room has no Ethernet wiring. I asked for a wireless card to be installed with the computer but they sent me a USB wireless adapter separately (but by overnight). I was a little Miffed since I was expecting a PCI card and have had trouble getting a good signal with a USB adapter in the past. (The office is two walls from the router)

Miffed as I was, I thought I’d try it. I installed the drivers, plugged it in and it saw my network, but it wouldn’t get on the Internet. For some reason it wasn’t getting an IP address. Miffed a bit more, I impetuously hopped in my car around 10 PM Saturday night and made a Wal-Mart run. I grabbed a wireless G Linksys PCI card and went back home. It was only after I had installed the card and buttoned up the case when I realized it said, “Optimized for XP” with no mention of “Optimized for Vista.”

The Miffing continued…

The version I bought was 1.1. Version 1.2 works with Vista. 1.1 works only with XP. I could only be Miffed at myself.

So, 10 or 11 PM Saturday night, I uninstalled all drivers and software from both network cards and pulled out the original USB adapter. This time it all worked. Plus the signal isn’t too bad. It came with an extender cable which allows me to set the adapter up high for better signal.

Miffing aside, I am very impressed with this system. It boots quickly and the response time is very nice. It is a Core 2 Quad CPU – Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz. The only problem I see is it is supposed to have 4 gigs of ram. The startup only shows 3. Oh! And this is my first computer with a Terabyte of hard drive space.

I hope to have it all setup by tonight. We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “New Computer

  1. I believe the reason it shows only 3gb is due to the way vista addresses ram, if you have the 32-bit version of vista it will only be able to use 3gb of all ram, if you wish to use the extra 1gb you’d need to install the 64-bit version.

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