Blog Stats Improving

Technorati is a site that categorizes and ranks millions of blogs. I’ve been watching this blog’s progress closely. A little over a month ago our ranking (among all other blogs ranked by Technorati, was a whopping 1,357,685. That means 1,357,684 other blogs are more popular than this one. Amazingly today’s ranking is 308,341 which shaves over One Million blogs off the charts. Wow.

Similarly, since last month’s authority has gone from 4 to 21. Authority means some other blog links or talks about this blog.

Normally I would be thrilled about this. The problem is, the ‘popularity’ is artificial. Take a look at the technorati page for this blog’s reactions (posts on other blogs that mention this blog).

At first it looks great! But a closer look shows most of the blogs that link to us are automated spam blogs.

Here is the progress report from the past month or so:

Authority: 4
Rank: 1,357,685

Authority: 8
Rank: 781,839

Authority: 21
Rank: 308,341

I have a long way to go, though. Many blogs have Authority over 1000! But it is a start. I’m just not sure if I’m happy about how it got there. I’d much rather see blogs linking to me like this:

“Wow, you have to check out this really cool blog about… well, I’m not sure what it’s about but he talks about Japanese, Makoto and Korean Dramas and… well, just go see it yourself!”

UPDATE: Our Authority just went up: 8-21-07 4:35PM EST

Authority: 27
Rank: 236,176


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