Xbox Red Circle of Death

My Xbox has been acting funny recently. After calling and not being able to resolve the issue, Microsoft sent me a box to send it in. The Microsoft tech asked if I had a red circle in the place of the normal green. I told him, I knew about the Red Circle of Death, but it wasn’t the case here. Turns out, after hanging up I tried turning on the machine one more time. This time, it was all red.

(Play Darth Vader’s Theme in your head)

The ‘Red Circle of Death’ is a play on the ‘Blue Screen of Death‘ which I’m sure all Windows users have experienced. Well, I don’t think I’ve seen it with XP, but I’m sure the Blue Screen of Death is still alive.


8 thoughts on “Xbox Red Circle of Death

  1. Argh. That’s rough man. Hopefully they’ll repair it for you fairly quickly and update it like the newer versions (I believe new 360’s have a better heatsink which apparently causes much less problems).

    Luckily I haven’t had any problems with mine yet, although I’ve only had it for six months or so. *knock on wood*

    Best of luck!

  2. Thanks! For the past few months I haven’t played it much, so I won’t miss it.

    I think it was good timing. This way I will have to concentrate on work until Halo 3 comes out. Then I can play 🙂

    BTW mine wasn’t too old either. I think I bought it last December. I hope yours is the newer version!

  3. Hi Clay, the blue screen of death is alive and well in XP, I’ve seen it many times being a computer tech. And I’m (un)happy to say it is still alive in Microsoft’s newest opperating system Vista! I’ve managed to blue screen probably a dozen times since upgrading…

  4. I guess I’ve been lucky. 🙂

    I’ve been waiting for some important software I use to make Vista versions before upgrading. I have the free upgrade disk, but I will probably wait until I buy my next computer. Why should I fix something that isn’t broken?

  5. Mine hasn’t exactly been the true RCoD, but some big error that has got to be fixed.

    I had my 360 for exactly a whole year when it started freezing just this last Aug. and didn’t think too much of it – until it would only last 5 minutes in and then refuse to even restart completely. And to hell it was not overheating – I take dang good care of mine.

    Anyway when I brought it back to school with me – as long as I gave it a day when it threw a tantrum it was alright – it then gave me the FOUR flashing red circle indicating a problem witht eh AV cables. Well I went ahead and replaced it to check – NOTHING, didn’t help at all – so Im assuming it’s a loose connection near the AV slot.

    I’ve been holding off to send it in – do they not return the origional hard-drive? is what Im worried about – and just been fiddling retesting everything and combinations to no success without doing anything that would void warrenty otherwise I would open it up and fix it myself – clean it out probably but Im sure that’s not the cause here.

    Any suggestions? or should I just send it in as I got the 2year plan with BestBuy?

  6. This was similar to mine. It started acting up without any red circles, but I called anyway. Just before sending it in, sure enough, I got the red circles.

    >>do they not return the origional hard-drive? is what Im worried about

    They tell you to take off the hard drive. You won’t send the hard drive or any cables. Just the box.

    I wouldn’t open it up since it is DEFINITELY under warranty. The red circle of death is good for three years, I believe. Call them, but be prepared to not have it for at least a month. I think it took about 6 weeks to get mine back.

    Sorry for not replying quickly! I am trying to keep up with this more. 🙂 Let me know how it turns out.

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  8. I feel bad for you man! i just went to my cousins today and i was playing guitar hero world tour, then we went to eat lunch. When I came back down I thought the guitar was turned off and when she went to try it, a big red circle appeared and she was like NO! NOT THE RED CIRCLE OF DEATH!!! she was so sad and her warranty is past due date.

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