The Onion vs いじわるババア2

It was quite an episode today. As you may know we’ve been following the new Korean Drama on NHK (through TV Japan on satellite) called 春のワルツ haru no warutsu – Spring Waltz. (see NHK’s page)

First let me briefly go through the cast of characters.

ジェハ – the star. He is a famous piano player in Korea now. However, as a child he befriended a girl named the Onion only to end up hurting her because of his no good father.
The Onion – really ウニョン, but the Onion just sounds better. This is the little, sickly girl all grown up. She now works as a driver/secretary for ジェハ and company.
いじわるババア1 – pronounced ijiwaru babaa wan. This is ジェハ’s mother. Or actually adoptive mother. Or actually the woman who convinced her husband to pay off ジェハ’s unscrupulous father to desert them. What would happen if the world renown pianist ジェハ’s past is uncovered? Never fear. This いじわるババア will go to even greater unscrupulous means to make sure that doesn’t happen.
いじわるババア2 – pronounced ijiwaru babaa tsuu. Her ‘real’ name is イナ. イナ is a twenty-something conniving, mean-spirited old hag. She does have a reason for her いじわるness. As children, イナ and the real ジェハ were best friends and promised to marry one day. However unbeknownst to イナ, the real ジェハ dies tragically as a child. The distressed mother (いじわるババア1) becomes ill to death. In an effort to save his wife, the concerned father ‘buys’ a new ジェハ which makes her happy. For years they train him to be a pianist outside Korea. The grownup ジェハ returns to Korea and says he would like to pick up where イナ (Whom he had never met actually) and he left off. She discovered this trick two weeks ago and has quickly earned the nickname いじわるババア2.
フィリップ – This is the Australian who is in love with the Onion. We may see a rekindling of the relationship between the two after this weeks episode!

Now that’s done, let’s get down to business.

In this episode the Onion finally learns ジェハ is really the boy she knew as a child. ジェハ’s real father appears suddenly, but none would be the wiser had いじわるババ2 not stuck her nose into things.

いじわるババ2 makes a ploy to forever crush her adversary in love. In front of Philip and the Onion, she lurches forward and plants a big, wet smooch on ジェハ’s chops. What happened next no one really knows. Perhaps for dramatic effect, the video editors decided to reduce the speed 1/10th of the original. Or perhaps ジェハ simply stood in shock, but the kiss was very long*

The Onion runs crying. Philip finds her and consoles. ジェハ searches for her with no luck until… everyone meets together for the dramatic climax. By a one in a million chance – ジェハ’s real father, The Onion, Philip, ジェハ and The Onion’s family meet. ジェハ tells his father who he really is. Philip and The Onion overhear and the rest of the story… is saved for next week.

* The kiss, which I predicted mere seconds before the said event, lasted well past the five second unrespectable mark.

いじわるババア ijiwaru babaa – mean-spirited old hag (Note: This isn’t too polite in Japanese.)


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