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I’ve been reading a blog called


The author is Tim Schroeder who in his About page has this to say:

I’ve been making a six-figure living online for the last 4 years and dabbling with various internet business projects for the last 10 years. It was always a dream of mine to work for myself and the internet gives anyone that opportunity.

I’m probably most known as the owner of the 30,000+ member webmaster forum,

Wow. Our TJP currently has 22,703 members – of course the vast majority rarely if ever visit after signing up – That being said, we certainly don’t have a six-figure living.

Reading his entries, I can see this is one smart cookie. Not only does he give excellent advice, but the advice is practical and well researched. If you have a blog, I would highly recommend keeping up with him.

Anyway, I write all this to mention I’ve added an email subscription function to as recommended by Mr. Schroeder. Now at the bottom of every single page (click on the title of any entry), it will say this:

Did you enjoy this post? Please Subscribe via RSS or email.

The big question is why and what is this blog about anyway?

I’ve been thinking about that. Originally 1Nichi1Kai (one a day) was to notify the public of daily sales at our Japanese Bookstore. Then I decided to install WordPress on it after a few months of the URL collecting digital dust.

Since then the posts have been quite eclectic, but usually relating to Japan or the Japanese language — Oh, and of course Makoto, our son! It will be interesting to see what direction the site goes a year from now.  Until then, it is one wild ride!


4 thoughts on “Email Subscriptions

  1. I read this blog because the posts are eclectic, humorous and sometimes downright weird, I’d keep away if it were just a way to sell (not that I haven’t considered some of those juicy morsels I have seen on these pages).

    It’s always fascinating to see what is going on in the world of Clay, long may it last.

  2. I have to agree with what Jerry says. I enjoy reading about your life, about weird Japan related, Japanese language related, and also to wish I could afford all the products you sell!

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