2006 JLPT Books

2006 JLPT booksLast night we finally got the 2006 JLPT books in. They have been out for about a month in Japan, but since we got our shipment by boat and boats don’t yet have an instant teleportation device installed (I know… What’s taking them so long?!) it took this long to arrive.

We worked late in the night and all day packing orders and slapping on the postage but only managed to get about half of the pre-orders out. Sorry! I will do my best to get the rest out in the morning.

Well, off to pack!

A Big Day

Upon logging into this site today, I received a notification saying someone actually registered to this site! My subscription base has doubled in one fell swoop!

Quite a big day for this site. This means from now on, a single subscriber can no longer double the number of subscribers. It will take two of ’em!

BTW according to Wikipedia, here is the origin of One Fell Swoop.

The origin of the title “One Fell Swoop,” a phrase that has come to common usage in English, is Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in which the character Macduff, upon hearing that his family has been murdered, quoth[1]:

All my pretty ones?Did you say all?O hell-kite! All?

What, all my pretty chickens and their dam

At one fell swoop?

On a related, but somewhat unrelated note, did you know Shakespeare also coined Accommodate and Accommodation? (spelling: remember it is two c’s, two m’s and two o’s)

On an even less related note, I remember reading about the origins of the term ‘coined’ in one of my William Safire books. If I’m not too lazy later, I’ll pull it out and tell you all about it.

Exploring Japanese Literature

Breaking into Japanese LiteratureBreaking News…

Kodansha just sent me their Fall 2007 / Winter 2008 catalog. Wow. I still write ’06 on checks.

とにかく, I learned today Giles Murray is coming out with a new bilingual reader this Fall called Exploring Japanese Literature. Many of you have his Breaking into Japanese Literature book – and if you don’t, you should! (I would recommend it for Intermediates up) Apparently it is in a similar style with Japanese on the left, English on the right and a running gloss at the bottom. There isn’t any information at Kodansha’s site yet.

If it is anything like Breaking into, it will automatically be on my top ten list of must have books for studying Japanese.

See Giles Murray’s site for more.

Excite Truck

Having nothing at all to do with Japanese but wanting to type something here, I turn to a video game we’ve been playing. Maybe I will make a category for Video Games. Done. Ah, the joys of tabbed browsing…

About two months ago a friend called and said, “Clay, Wal-Mart has three Wiis. If you want one you’d better hurry!”

I better hurried and managed to get one at Wal-Mart for the normal $250 price. (plus taxes of course) If you are able to find one and can afford it, I highly recommend it especially if you have a wife who hates video games. She will go from, ‘Why are you wasting your time playing Xbox?’ to ‘when’s my turn on the Wii?’. The Nintendo Wii was made for wives who hate video games. I’m sure that statement is on the box.

Anyway, the same friend who told me about the Wii, loaned me Excite Truck. If you played Excite Bike on the NES 20 years ago, this will be a forward-facing flashback – only with nice graphics and surround sound.

I have rented a few games for the Wii and have been a little disappointed. The Sports games that come with it are awesome of course, but it doesn’t seem many games use the new fangled controller to its fullest (yet). Excite Truck is an exception.

Blast your turbos as you hit a ramp and notice yourself leaning forward as you catch air. It can be exciting.

The other game I like for the Wii is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I found this Amazon link for a Nintendo Wii with Zelda & Excite Truck Bundle – Right now only third parties are selling it and the price is more than retail. But if you are interested in a Wii, these two games are just alright. Keep an eye on that page since Amazon occasionally gets some in. Or if you are like me and have a friend who checks Wal-Mart every morning for new shipments, have them add you to their speed dial.

Digital Juice’s Sale

Digital Juice is an industry leader in high quality royalty free animations, music, artwork etc for video editing and print.  If you are interested in video editing and you’re needing some fancy watahoos to make your work sparkle, Digital Juice has their biggest sale yet.  For $249 (no, I am not getting affiliate commission) they are packaging ten of their newest Motion Design Elements (small animations and screen wipes) PLUS you get to choose ten other of their animated backgrounds, music, or layered artwork.

Before they started doing these super sales, each one of the above packs sold for $149 each.  They have been doing incredible packaged sales for the past year or so, but this may be the biggest sale yet.   The only catch is this deal ends Monday.



Here’s a neat ことわざ:

shu ni majiwareba akakunaru
lit. blood red-if mingled with-become red
A rotten apple spoils the barrel.

shu is the color of blood, scarlet red
交わる majiwaru means to mingle or mix with
交われば majiwareba adds the ‘if’ factor
赤くなる akaku naru become red

Literally, this proverb means if you mix a red coloring to something, at some point it will cause the ‘something’ to become red as well. The implied meaning is a warning not to hang out with the wrong crowd.

I looked it up in a kotowaza dictionary and it gave the following English ‘proverbs’:

“(He) Who keeps company with the wolf will lean [sic] to howl.”
“Evil communications corrupt good manners.”

So next time your friend asks you to go somewhere, just say no and quote this proverb!