How People Find this Blog…

This site doesn’t traffic in any traffic to speak of (yet), so I am always interested in how people find the place. As you would expect most people come here from, but occasionally I get hits from Google and other search engines.

This morning while looking at the stats, I noticed someone found us by searching for ‘Finger Flour って何?’ at Having no clue what ‘Finger Flour’ is to begin with, I was even more clueless as to why had anything to do with ‘Finger Flour’.

As it turns out, if you go to and type “Finger Flourって何?“, we come up as the #1 position!! (as of 9:33 AM Monday, April 23rd, 2007). Amazingly (I suppose), we don’t even appear if you do the same search at

An interesting morning…

–BTW if you are the Finger Flour searcher – thank you for visiting!

— ところで、もしあなたが「Finger Flourって何?」を検索した人なら、いらっしゃいませ!

— What is Finger Flour?


4 thoughts on “How People Find this Blog…

  1. Thanks! I consider it a big honor. 🙂

    I guess Google is constantly updating their ranking. This morning it was #1, but the site doesn’t appear now.

  2. Try this one

    “Finger Flour って何?”

    (instead of this one “Finger Flourって何?”)

    and you are back at number 1

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