Sickness and Names

I may get in trouble for this post…

My apologies to all the Gary’s and Deb’s out there.

Since my sister’s daughter was born three weeks ago we have been sick on rotation and haven’t been able to go over to see her. First, I fought a sore throat and head cold for pretty much the whole three weeks. Then for the past three days our son has been sick with a bad case of diarrhea. Thank God, he is totally over it now.

The first night we pretty much stayed up all night with him. The next morning, a friend who owns a lawn maintenance service was out cutting our grass (That’s right. I don’t live in Japan) at the very early (or so it seemed) hour of 10 AM. After he finished he came in and our conversation went something like this:

Gary: Hi Clay! How’s it going?
Clay: I’m fine, but Makoto, well.. Do you remember what I told you your name meant in Japanese?
Gary: Of course. I haven’t been able to forget that since the day you told me what it meant over breakfast. *
Clay: Well, Makoto is sick.

Here are a few words that sound somewhat like a Japanese word:

Gary sounds like 下痢 geri – “diarrhea”
Deb sounds like デブ debu – “fat” or “chubby”
Connie sounds like カニ kani – “crab”

And from the movies:

Rambo sounds like 乱暴 ranbou – violent
Uma (the skinny blond actress) sounds like 馬 uma – horse

Oh and of course McDonald sounds a lot like マクドナルド makudonarudo – McDonald’s

* We occasionally have what I call the ‘Old Men’s Club’ Friday mornings for breakfast. Just for the record, I’m the youngest.


One thought on “Sickness and Names

  1. glad you and makoto are feeling better. we can wait for you 3 to come over.
    poor gary, just like clay to tell him what his name means over breakfast…

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