Red Bull & 栄養ドリンク

This may be a ‘duh’ moment for most of you, but…

The other day I tried the energy drink Red Bull for the first time here in the States. It brought back memories of that CM (TV commercial) of the rock climbers at the end of their rope groping for their リポビタンD energy drink and after gulping it down they shout, 「ファイト一発!」

It is the same taste (well almost)! I didn’t think the US had 栄養ドリンク eiyou dorinku like in Japan but they do! I had heard of Red Bull, but I wasn’t really sure what it was. I mean, it looks like a regular cola in a can. 栄養ドリンク are supposed to be in small, medicine-like dark brown glass bottles, right?

Even still, I don’t think I will buy any more. Paying 300 yen in Japan for an 栄養ドリンク is a good deal, but paying $2 for a Red Bull is just a little too much… Maybe if they put them in the small, medicine-like dark brown glass bottles…


ファイト一発! faito ippatsu Fight + one shot: ファイト is often used at sporting events and such to encourage people to win; it doesn’t imply actually fighting someone. 🙂 The first time I heard a teacher telling his students to ファイト I was taken back a bit, though.
ファイト一発 implies an incredible burst of energy to overcome whatever problem you may have. Another good word with this is 肉体疲労 niku tai hi rou complete physical exhaustion. If you experience 肉体疲労, grab an 栄養ドリンク and shout ファイト一発!

栄養ドリンク eiyou dorinku nutrition drink: Most 自動販売機 ji dou han bai ki (vending machines) in Japan have at least one of these drinks. As mentioned above, the drinks are usually in small, dark glass bottles that resemble medicine more than something to drink.

2 thoughts on “Red Bull & 栄養ドリンク

  1. I like read bull but the price is a killer. Some of my friends have spent somewhere in the thousands for all the Red bull they drink. I loved the lesson and am even now trying to commit to memory the words: 栄養ドリンク、ファイト一発、肉体疲労 and, 自動販売機。 Thanks again!

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