Makoto, the Cow and Robo-kun

There are few things in this world more fun, for Makoto, than sitting in my computer chair and having his way with the keyboard.

Yesterday, I came home from the bank to find my left monitor’s screen had been turned 90 degrees. (You can do that to get portrait dimensions in the video control panel and sitting the monitor on its side). It took me 10 minutes to find the selection in my video driver’s control panel and set it back right.

This morning “I” Skyped a friend in Tokyo with, and I quote, “aZ“““`Q3ZQ”. Now I don’t remember typing that and what is more intriguing is the fact I wasn’t home at the time.

誠の弱点 Makoto’s Weakness
Well, we discovered a solution. Makoto for some reason has a fear of two items in the house. A stuffed dog’s toy in the shape of a cow and our Roomba robot vacuum we call ロボくん. What’s the solution that works so well? Well, take a peak below:


5 thoughts on “Makoto, the Cow and Robo-kun

  1. Tried that but I guess it must have been something else. I am thinking he only had reach for the left side of the keyboard.

    It’s a mystery but not interesting enough for me to try to figure out. 🙂

  2. Aw. You should get him a toy typrewriter or something if he has that much fun. Just wait ’till he’s old enough to HAVE to sit at a desk and type, then we’ll see how much fun it is.

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