Free 3 Kyuu Kanji Email List

I have been saying I'd do it for years and one day I paid my sister to do the work for me! Well, I did have some prep work. Anyway, if you are studying for 3 kyuu in '07, sign up to receive an email a day with all the information on that kanji from's Kanji Study Center.  It is free, of course!

I threw the signup script up there a few days ago and we already have 79 subscribers (about 15 sign ups a day). If you spot any errors or problems with any of the emails, let me know. (I am also getting them daily and checking)
To sign up, go to the front page of TJP:

* There is also a 4 kyuu list.

** 4 kyuu basically covers the 100 most useful kanji.  3 kyuu continues that for another 200 or so kanji.


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