Nintendo DS 漢字そのままDS楽引き辞典 and 脳を鍛える。。。

Kanji sono mama DS raku biki jiten

Last week, I broke down and bought a DS.  I had heard excellent things about the brain training soft and using it for studying Japanese.   Well, I am pretty impressed with both.  This Rakubiki Jiten is really raku biki (easy to look up).  The kanji hand writing recognition is excellent.  I am working on a short video showing this off and will post it here when completed.

Once one gets used to it, I'd bet even beginners who have mastered hiragana and maybe the meaning of 100-200 kanji could really enjoy this.  It is much cheaper than a stand-alone 電子辞書 and almost as powerful.  Of course it doesn't have all the extras found in a 電子辞書 and it only has the standard Genius J-E and E-J, but it certainly isn't bad. 

Nou o kitaeru otona no DS tore-ningu

Man, these have long titles!   

This is pretty fun!  It probably isn't very accurate since I am not a native Japanese speaker, but it sure has me hooked.  Here are two parts that may be skewed by my gaijininess:

* Color Quiz: This is where it flashes a color word like あおい or きいろ and you have to speak the actual color of the letters and not the word itself.  For example あおい may actually have yellow letters.  In that case, you shout 'きいろ'.  I have a natural advantage since I can easily ignore the letters and just look at the colors.  But if they did this in English… well…

* There is a reading section where it times you on reading a short story.  I am really enjoying this part, but naturally it takes me a bit longer than a native speaker. 

Overall, I'd say even upper beginners could get a lot out of this. 

 Yumi is quite upset with the 脳を鍛える大人のDSトレーニング and the DS as a whole.  I won't let it slip exactly how old it said her brain was, but let's just say she would definitely be in the おばあさん category.  That's what she gets for rushing into the test without reading the directions!  I'll let you know if she tries again.  But don't hold your breath.

And… If you don't have a DS: Nintendo DS Lite – Polar White


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