The First Post…

一日一善 ichinichi ichizen do a good deed each day


I am wondering if the ichinichi ikkai should be 一日1階 instead of 一回.  I donno.  Making that much progress in a single day may lead to burn out…


We'll see how it turns out.  

I have a few basic goals with this site.  First, it will allow me to actually write stuff down when I think, "I should write that down."  I created a category called くだらない (insignificant) thoughts.  I am sure most of the "I should write that down" items will fit nicely in that category.

Second, this site will encourage me to get to know better and compare products we stock at  It is easy to be lazy and not go the extra mile, but when you have a 'ichinichi ikkai' blog, well, you have to fill up the empty space somehow.  Why not be productive? 一石二鳥 (isseki nichou – kill two birds with one stone)

Lastly, I hope to jot down my progress with the Japanese language.  This will hopefully reinforce my learning and may just help someone else somehow.


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